About us

Seta Silk is for the modern woman. It is for those who like to indulge in luxury and life’s opulence without having to compromise style for comfort.

Let our beautiful pieces take you on a journey to discover the romance of silk.

With collections that showcase the timelessness and enduring quality of silk, you are sure to always feel confident and at your best with Seta Silk.

Our Commitment

Seta Silk is committed to making your experience with us a memorable and personal experience.

Along with our commitment to you, we have ethical and environmental standards to ensure that we minimise excess waste by not engaging in mass production and by creating modern classics that are durable, comfortable and versatile.

We believe in sustainable practices that allows our customers to fall in love with silk and be environmentally responsible with their purchasing choice.

Why silk?

    We love silk because it is an all-climate fabric that keeps the wearer warm in winter and comfortably cool on warmer days.

    Silk is also the most hypoallergenic and strongest of all natural fabrics. It is highly absorbent and quick-drying, while letting your skin breathe. Its robust and smooth surface resists soil and odours.